The grinding is carried out at the beginning of the recycling line and consists in putting in pieces the raw elements to be recycled :

  • Plastic balls
  • PVC windows
  • Structures
  • Credit card
  • Various in big bags

PVC balls

Grinding line

PVC grinded at the end of line


Micronization aims to significantly reduce the size of the elements (grind) to obtain a powder with grains of between 100 to 500 microns (microns). This step is carried out using a micronizer that propels the solids at high speed and centrifugates in order to fragment the plastic. The result is a ready-to-use powder.

Micronized PVC

Big bags of micronized PVC



CIFRA has a room dedicated to blending and preparation of formulations according to the wishes of customers. The mixtures are made in tanks before being discharged to the extrusion process.

Blending room

Preparations in progress of the bins


Extrusion is a process of reheating plastics to make them warm and soft evenly. The paste is then ready to be sent on the next process, calendering.


Extruder with planetary

Hot PVC extruder output


Calendering is a manufacturing process that involves passing soft and hot plastic between successive cylinders to form a continuous plastic film. This process ensures a uniform thickness and a clean surface appearance.

At CIFRA, the plastic used in calenders comes from a formulation prepared according to customer wishes or a mixture of recycled materials. A graining cylinder can be used to personalize the surface aspects. The resulting film is then rolled up or cut to the widths desired. The film can also be doubled with other complex materials or coated, to associate the qualities of other films.


Thanks to our 6 injection molding machines, we are able to manufacture parts of any size and in a wide range of colors.

The applications are therefore unlimited :

  • Protective rings for our rollers
  • Honeycombs for soil drainage
  • Solar panel supports
  • Panel dampers for sports fields
  • Swing adapter