For the food sector our PVC film is used in :

  • Thermoforming of blisters, blisters, cellular wedges, portioned packaging, jars and lids, opercules, single-dose advertising …

  • the limps and fenestration

  • In film for food contact (Approved EEC food certificate)

  • PVC crystal, tinted, or opaque, shiny or frosted

“At CIFRA, to each application, his film”

For the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sector :

  • Thermoforming of blisters, wedges, medical pillboxes, hulls

  • Packaging with simple or complex molds

  • Presentation boxes

  • Boxes with windows

  • Sampling or single-mode advertising

PVC crystal, hue, opaque, glossy or frosted films are approved pharmacopoeia

For the industrial sector and technical sheets :

  • Thermoforming of blisters, hulls, boxes, fenestration, handling trays, transport chocks.

  • Technical sheets for building specific use, insulation, water cooling, furniture, seats, shinpack, labels, slate sheet or color duo, grains with textile or paper.

  • Rigid or semi-rigid PVC film developed by our R & D department

  • Crystal, azure, hue or opaque, shiny or frosted

Qualities and options

  • Anti UV, anti fog, antireflective, antistatic, temperature resistant, heat sealable

  • Partially recycled film for some PVC applications